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Studio Ding Yi was founded in August 2013 by Chinese artist and designer Ding Yi. In the beginning her idea was to record everyday life in Finland by painting. In 2014 she held her solo exhibition in Espoo, Finland.

Gradually Ding’s art started drawing the interest of Finnish people, who could associate their own experiences with her paintings. Ding launched her fashion accessory brand Ding’s Narrative House in 2014. DNH is a growing collection of design products inspired by Ding’s art. 

Among the wearable art design items are silk scarfs adorned by Ding’s artworks and jewellery made by Ding. The wearable art collection offers an alternative way to experience Ding’s art. This way you can feel and use Ding’s art in the form of design for everyday life. The concept is inspired from Scandinavian way of life.

The powerful shapes and gentle patterns of Ding’s painting originate from Chinese ink and pigments. The art is a reflection of how a Chinese artist feels about building her life in the western world. Some of Ding’s paintings represent a new style, Pomo pop, that she has developed herself. Pomo pop merges Chinese ink patterns and western pop art.

Åminnentie 4 , Espoo, Finland

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Studio Ding Yi is not an art and design house that only presents the artist’s own works. The aim is to build a platform that helps to link Finland and China for Finnish artists and designers, persons or companies.

For art and design lovers – if you are interested in any of Ding Yi’s artworks, you are most welcome to contact us whether you want to purchase a piece of original art, take a look at the artist’s studio or discuss with her.

If you are interested in purchasing any prints of original art in various sizes, please contact us. If you want to buy any wearable art silk or cotton scarfs, please visit our online shop  In Finland, you can purchase DNH design at 

  • Momono Annankatu 12, 00120 Helsinki
  • Gumbostrand Konst & Form, Vainuddsvägen 72-28, 01150 Söderkulla.
  • 7. DREAM Gallary, Museokatu 7, 00100 Helsinki
  • Factory St. Gallery, Tehtaankatu 19, 00150 Helsinki

For artists – We are always open to ideas for collaboration with Finnish artists in the form of exhibitions, projects or events.

For Finnish design companies 

  • We offer graphic design services for commercial sector or NGO.
  • We offer consultation services for helping to enter the Chinese market. The services available include planning a suitable strategy to enter the market including but not limited to building a suitable network of contacts, planning events or exhibitions and providing media support for the activities to gain visibility within Chinese media.

For people who want to share their own stories are welcome to join Pomo Pop project

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